Creating the lush woodland set for Seaglass, combined a mixture of natural resources collected in Devon with textile fabrics. The balance of hard and soft textures was created to illustrate the tension between vulnerability and the need to shield ourselves from further pain when experiencing grief. Driftwood was placed into the set to create a woodland effect. The different textures in the wood elements allowed for a unique environment. 
Ferns were created by embroidering around thin metal leaf shapes, before bringing them into a fern like shape. Using a wire frame made the elements animatable - useful for a close up scene in the film.
Bracken elements were created by using embroidery thread around wire to create the shape, with needlefelted triangular pieces to make the leaves and yellow flowers commonly found on bracken. The wire allowed assets to be re-used a number of times in the production; alongside smaller weed like elements. 

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